Thursday, December 14, 2006

It was never really intended as a place for people

Recently some friends of ours thoughtfully gave us a Snake bite kit. This was a great as we could cross it off our list of essential things to get.
I thought I would share the instructions that came with kit.

Snake Bite Kit Instructions
1st Requirement – Poisonous snake bite

2nd Requirement – Bite location = Limb

Once above requirements met:
- Do not panic
- Firmly bandage affected limb
- Go forth at speed to place where antidote can be procured
- Once antidote administered place band-aid over holes and laugh out loud
- Tell tale of lucky escape. Embellish as necessary to make story interesting to listeners

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting things sorted

Well, getting closer now. We have organised storage for the belongings we are leaving behind.
We managed to get a good deal on a container just down the road. So every thing is falling into place nicely.

We have found a new owner for Boris, his new home will be in Hastings. He will have a new friend to stay with called Cree, another Blue Heeler so we are wrapped with that.

We have managed to source most of the text books we will need to home school Cassandra next year.

We only need to re-home Rosie now.

Lastly, Johnathan handed his notice in today, so no going back as they say.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Challenger on Trademe

The time has now come to advertise my car, things are getting serious now.

This is the best car i have ever owned a dream to drive and it would go anywhere.

So on to Trademe it goes. If i am lucky i may get the same in Australia to travel round in.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Getting closer now

I have added a countdown timer on the right. >>>>>>>>> This is when we take of on our Aussie adventure.
We keep getting asked when are you going, i think people can't wait to see the back of us.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Boris the dog

Popped an add in the Friday Trader to find a new home for Boris, our 4 year old Blue Heeler. It will be sad to leave him behind but we can't take him through the Australian Native Reserves we intend to visit so we have to find him a new home. Boris has been and is a beloved family pet so it will be really sad to see him go. We also have Rosie, Cassandra's cat to re-home before we go too.
Not looking forward to it, at all.

Can you see what i can see

Both Cassandra and I got our eyes tested today, I picked up Cassandra from school she was just finishing a spelling test, and earlier in the day had done a maths test (top of the class) so a day for tests then. Cassandra was prescribed glasses and i passed with good vision. So now another step closer to Australia. Still the Dental and Health checks to go. Save any hassles in Australia.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Australia Trip

The kick off date for this is January the 15th 2007. So not long to go.
Our start point will be Brisbane. We will be there for a few weeks to plan and buy what we need for the trip, then hopefully within a month we will hit the road heading down to NSW.
Just giving this thing a spin in preparation for a blog we will probally use on our Australia trip.

The plan is to 4WD drive around Australia for a couple of years.

The idea for the blog is to post what we are up too so friends family etc can keep in touch.
Thats the plan.