Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yeha, Cowboy Johanthan Rides

Remember we told you Johnathan had something in the wind we would share with you.

Well YEHA, he completed it. Johnathan rode a bronc’ horse in a rodeo.
The commentator introduced him, saying “I’ve just been told its this guy’s first ride”; “I don’t know if he is brave or crazy”. The reason for these comments was that Johnathan when initially asked was going to do a ‘Station Buck Jump’ (the semi tame version). Basically you take a regular stock saddle and strap it to a horse with a little gumption. However as luck would have it, the Rodeo season was nearing the end and Johnathan missed the Station Buck Jump so the alternative was a 2nd division Saddle Bronc’ Ride, (not so tame). But fate was to intervene and the Rodeo closest to Kroombit only offered the big boys ride, 1st division, and (the extreme ride for the professionals). Now remember Johnathan only learnt to ride when he came to Kroombit, so he had about 6 months experience under his belt, so is far from being called a professional. Anyway, he decked himself out in serious boots, spurs, chaps and ‘Bullzeye’ rodeo shirt, (At least he looked the part), Johnathan got in the shute and lowered himself onto to a horse. The commentator called for some gate pullers and he was away. Up, down, up, down, up, down, “Johnathan stay in that saddle” yelled the commentator while the crowd went wild. He managed to stay on that bucking horse for 5 seconds before being bucked off, yeha. He says he had the most amazing exhilarating ride, and “when can I do it again”. The smile is only just leaving his face now 2 weeks later. We have attached some photos taken from video so you can get an idea of his triumph. Yeha, cowboy Johnathan will ride again.


Anonymous said...

Hi all, Awesome! You guys are brave. We solute you. We are i Vancouver at the moment, have just spent 3 days in L.A. including 2 days in Disneyland. Went on a thing called the tower of Terror, very cool. All the best to you, from Simon, Rachel, Elizabeth and Luke.

Anonymous said...

Bloody amazing Johnathan.We are so impressed.
The Tobecks
PS is your life insurance paid up!!!???

flashgordonnz said...

Yeeha! That's got to go on youtube!