Monday, April 14, 2008

Guess What!

No real surprise we have signed up to remain working at Kroombit till Christmas 2009. We are staying to enable Cassandra to complete her all important exam year at school, next year. She has settled well to her new school, Biloela State High, and has made a few friends so it seems prudent to take advantage. She has been for a sleep over and went to a rock festival and she tells us her friends made her put on a little bit of make-up before they went out. She is growing up, but not too quickly. She is doing really well at school, and recently received a Certificate of Merit for Engineering Technology. Proud parents are we.
She has decided she might change her subjects for next semester (last half of year), she wants to look at Biology so might have to drop chemistry. She is considering marine biology as a career, but has changed her mind a couple of times so will wait and see. It is quite exciting seeing her considering her future.

It is currently the school holidays and we went to Rockhampton, we explored the Capricorn Caves a rare above ground cave system,
Wendy then found another Animal rescue sanctuary (she has a knack of sniffing them out) we spent 3 hours feeding the animals and flattened the batteries on the camera.

We have been to Rockhampton a couple of times, shopping and relaxing. One time we went, we fished and I caught a turtle. Just as well we have a personal catch and release philosophy, as it was kind of cute. We are missing our pets now we have stopped for a while; however we are not allowed any pets here, because the boss says so. We have to be content with the farm dog, which lies around all day doing nothing and the cockatoo “Boss” who is currently being a real teenager; he is loud and showy and has a tendency to bite people for no reason at all. He also is less cuddly as a result. We have considered taking home a “stray” but don’t think the “stray” ploy will work.

We would like to share stories of our adventures but given we have decided to settle here for a while we have become domesticated so haven’t really been out to do much. We have been working long hours so the money is good as it will allow us to save to come home for xmas.

We are all well currently but this has not always been the case.The mind may remain young and vivid but the bodies are beginning to show the wear and tear of being in our forties. Johnathan has been wearing a wrist brace for a couple of months now. He was chasing wallabies on the motorbike but they have better turning dexterity than Johnathan had on the bike so he bit the dust, dislocated his thumb and hurt his wrist. Now he has some troubles lifting significant weights, or doing certain maneuvers with that hand. He also went for a cat scan recently because when he tips his head forward he gets tingles up his leg. I’ve told him to stop tipping his head forward, and that will solve the problem. Results from scan indicate nothing wrong, but his leg still tingles. He is going to go to chiropractor to see if they can help. He really wants to ride at the Biloela Rodeo in May but I have told him not until he is all fixed up.

I have been helping out with the stock work on my days off. For my efforts I’ve had some lovely black bruises, the size of baseballs, three; one on my upper arm, one on my hip and one on my thigh. This was the result of me getting too close to a kicking cow that caught 3 areas of my body with just one kick. I had my revenge though and she got the jigger (shock thingy) on her rump, good job that’ll teach the bitch.

Wish we had something exciting to tell you about but we are just like everyone else now settle into a routine. Johnathan still dreams of hunting and is excited about coming home at xmas as he thinks that is all he will be doing. We shall see.
A couple of cassandras holiday shots from her time in NZ.

Cassandra on holiday in New Zealand, catching up with Sean & Iokepta.

Sean & Cassandra at rainbows end hitting the slots.

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